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You will find in this section a selection of videos on proteomics as well as recordings of scientific lectures that should assist anyone interested in proteomics to learn more about the field.


Title Audience Description
Proteins at work - the fascinating world of proteomics All Introduction to the fascinating world of proteomics by the Heck lab
What is Proteomics All What is proteomics? by the Steen & Steen Laboratory

Scientific Lectures

Title Audience Description
BroadE 2012 Proteomics Workshop Beginner / Intermediate Lectures held at the BroadE 2012 Proteomics Workshop
9th European Summer School Beginner / Intermediate These are all lectures held at the 9th European Summer School in 2015

Online Video Tutorials

Title Category Description
Pladipus Intermediate / Advanced Video tutorial on how to set a distributed computing system using Pladipus by Kenneth Verheggen.
Cross Linking Intermediate / Advanced Video tutorial on how to idenify cross linked peptides using ProteinProspector by Robert Chalkley.