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This page gives an overview over all projects currently supported or coordinated by EuBIC.

All new project pages should be in the Project: namespace (ie. "Project:TheGreatProject").


Job Fair:

This project is run in collaboration with the YPIC initiative to create a job portal for proteomics / bioinformatics associated jobs. Further plans exist to implement a "talent pool" where researchers looking for a new job can provide e.g. their CVs.

Find A Bioinformatician:

This project is intended to create a platform for research groups to post a research question / dataset to find a collaboration with a bioinformatician to analyse the data.

Quality Control:

EuBIC collaborates with the Quality Control working group of the HUPO-PSI to develop novel standards and tools for biological mass spectrometry.

Submission Review:

This project focuses on the idea to create a report format on data deposition for paper review.

EuBIC activities at ASMS 2017

EuBIC activities at HUPO 2017

EuBIC activities at EUPA 2018

Developer meeting 2018

EuBIC winter school 2019