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Here we try to present a list of useful tutorials that present the basic principles of proteomics technologies.

Internal Tutorials

These are tutorials created by us (or our collaborators) especially for this page:

External Tutorials

Compomics Tutorials

The Computational Omics and Systems Biology Group at the VIB-UGent provide excellent tutorials using their rich set of user-friendly proteomics bioinformatics tools, most importantly SearchGUI and PeptideShaker.

The complete list of tutorials can be found at https://compomics.com/bioinformatics-for-proteomics/.

Currently, they offer three tutorials:

  1. Identification techniques
  2. Functional analysis
  3. Data sharing

Online Video Tutorials

Title Category Description
Pladipus Intermediate / Advanced Video tutorial on how to set a distributed computing system using Pladipus by Kenneth Verheggen.
Cross Linking Intermediate / Advanced Video tutorial on how to idenify cross linked peptides using ProteinProspector by Robert Chalkley.