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All lectures held at the 9th European Summer School in 2015 are available on YouTube.

Below we present a selection of videos part of this playlist that present basic methods used in protoemics (data) analysis strategies. The complete playlist can be found here.

Sample Separation in Proteomics

A tutorial on sample preparation by Thierry Rabilloud.

The Human Protein Atlas

Introduction to the The Human Protein Atlas by Cecilia Lindskog.

LC-MS Label Free quantification by ion abundance using Progenesis QI

A lecture on how to do [Label-free Quantitation] using Progenesis QI by Nonlinear Dynamics.

Search Engines

An introduction to search engines by John Cottrell. John is one of the founders of Matrix Science who develop the world-leading searching Mascot. He is one of the world's most forward experts in search engine development.

Brian T. Chait

Lecture by Brian T. Chait

Analysis of post-translational modifications

Lecture by Judit Villen

Quantitative Proteomics

An introduction into quantitative proteomics by Buno Domon starting from the basics over to the different methods of Labelling (Quantitation) and targeted proteomics such as Selected Reaction Monitoring / Parallel Reaction Monitoring.

Implementation of travelling wave ion mobility in workflows for protein and peptide MS analysis

Lecture on Waters developments in ion mobility by Francesco Lanucara.