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Eductational Day at the EuPA 2016

Date: Wednesday, 22 June 2016, 08:30-15:30

Location: EuPA 2016, Turkey, Istanbul

The EuPA Educational Day features 4 workshops:

EuPA BioInformatic Winter School Semmering 2017

View of the Semmering railway in summer

Date: 11. - 13. January 2017

Location: Semmering, Austria

Conference details / website:

This workshop focuses on bioinformatics in proteomics. The first MidWinder Bioinformatics Seminar held in January 2015 brought together leading bioinformaticians from around the world and joined them in the (very) small town of Semmering.

This workshop addresses both, beginners and experts who are invited to meet and discuss in a very informal setting.