Spectra-cluster API

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spectra-cluster API
Original author(s) J. Griss, R. Wang, S. Lewis and J. A. Vizcaíno
Usage Details
Input format peak list file format, preferred MGF
Output format .clustering, .cgf (text and binary)
Software Details
Website https://github.com/spectra-cluster/spectra-cluster
Operating system Windows, OS X, Linux
License Apache License, Version 2.0
Initial release 24.10.2015
Development status active

The spectra-cluster API is a Java application programming interface that supports the rapid development of MS/MS clustering algorithms. It forms the basis of the spectra-cluster-hadoop implementation of the spectra-cluster algorithm used to create the PRIDE Cluster resource[1]. Additionally, it is used by the spectra-cluster-cli command-line tool and the spectra-cluster-gui GUI application to implement the spectra-cluster algorithm as stand-alone applications.

General concept

The spectra-cluster API represents each vital component of a MS/MS clustering algorithm as a Java interface. Thereby, if a developer is only interested in developing a new spectrum similarity metric, he or she only has to implement the respective interface and can immediately put his algorithm in production by adapting, for example, the spectra-cluster-cli.


  1. Griss, J et al., Nat Methods. 2016, doi:10.1038/nmeth.3902